Circles of Air and Stone offers vision quests, workshops, and trainings in the American Southwest, New England, and Mexico. Scheduled throughout the year, these programs are intensive, offering participants a deep encounter with nature -- both inner and outer -- and the often shifting boundary between the two. They are appropriate for men and women wanting to gain insight, access deeper levels of awareness, and move forward on their spiritual path; for anyone facing change or wanting to live more deeply; or for people searching for tools and skills to help themselves or others. Further information is available on all the programs found on this website. Please inquire.

Vision Quests

Since time immemorial, people have gone to the wilderness to seek guidance and renewal, to let their old lives and old selves die, to find the conditions where spirit may be rekindled, reborn within them.

At Circles of Air, Circles of Stone, we help individuals to find their true nature in nature. Our vision quest programs last 11 days, during which the participant spends 4 days and nights alone, fasting on the earth.

The first 4 days are spent in preparation with others in a small group -- limied to 8 to allow for individual attention and feedback. These preparation days include instruction in the archetypes of the heroic journey; rites and dynamics of initiation; medicine wheel models of Self and psyche; emergency and survival procedures; what to expect from fasting; and a full array of teachings about self-created ceremony. In addition, we provide counseling and instruction in forms of ritual and ceremony that speak to where individuals are in their lives and journeys at this moment.

The participant is then conducted to the wilderness where he/she crosses the threshold to live alone for four days and nights on the earth. Upon returning, the group spends an additional three days in council with the staff. The time includes the sharing of stories, a wisdom council, and other rituals of incorporation. The emphasis here is on realizing -- seeing, grounding, and claiming -- the lessons learned in the threshold period as well as finding ways to bring the gifts and lessons back into daily life... for the true work of the vision quest awaits us when we return to our people.

Adventures of the Spirit Retreats and Workshops

At Circles of Air and Stone, we're committed to assist and train individuals to face themselves and create meaningful and successful passages through the transitions and crises in their lives.

Our Adventures of the Spirit workshops emphasize authentic experience. We must discover, face, and know ourselves in order to live from our strengths rather then our wounds. We must find our ground and determine our place, whether alone, in relationship, or in community.

These programs create a fertile context for individuals to claim their own authenticity and authority, tell their own stories, determine their own myths and face their pain and monsters...  to fully participate in their own heroic journey.  Individuals are suppoted in finding their "medicine," their unique path to wholeness -- and in bringing their gifts forth for the benefit of their people.  Each Adventure of the Spirit workshop contains a rich toolkit of supportive and provocative processes that can help you discover your passion, purpose, and power...  open new doors of perception...  encourage you to create your own meaning, define your own success, make your own decisions...  take your next step on the path to becoming whole.

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